Cotton buds

Producer:  Ashgabat factory for production of medical wadding and cosmetic cotton products
Currency of payment:  USD, EURO
Terms of payment:  S.W.I.F.T

  • Model: Cosmetic cotton buds
  • Packing Material: Plastic box & carton box
  • Shelf time: Unlimited
  • Volume capacity: in carton 72 boxes of cosmetic cotton buds

Quality: All products are fully meets the high international standards.

Product is Certified.

We offer the following types of cosmetic cotton buds:

1. Cotton buds 50pc

2. Cotton buds 100pc

3. Cotton buds 200pc

4. Cotton buds 300pc

Made in Turkmenistan.

Terms of payment: 100% in advance via bank.

Delivery time: within 15-30 days.