Cotton jeans

Currency of payment:  USD, EURO
Terms of payment:  S.W.I.F.T

  • Model: Bedew jeans
  • Packing Material: Polyethylene package & Carton box

Volume capacity: In carton 24 pieces Bedew Jeans

High quality jeans wholesale for export from Turkmenistan at the best prices.

Products are fully meets the high international standards.

Brand name: Bedew Jeans.

Made in Turkmenistan.

Composition: 100% cotton or 98% cotton & 2% lycra.

Sizes between 30-38

Offered products producing on one of the leading worldwide modern european and japanese textile machines.

All products tested on different quality parameters to ensure their quality and long lasting nature.

Terms of payment: 100% in advance via bank.
Delivery time: within 15-30 days.