Denim Fabric

Producer:  Turkmenbashi Jeans Complex

Currency of payment:  USD, EURO

Terms of payment:  S.W.I.F.T

  • Model: Denim fabric between 10 and 15 ounces
  • Packing Material: Polypropylene packing
  • Shelf time: Unlimited
  • Volume capacity: In 1 roll 100-meters denim fabric

Denim Fabric types:

Denim fabric – 10 ounce

Denim fabric – 11 ounce

Denim fabric – 12 ounce

Denim fabric – 13 ounce

Denim fabric – 14 ounce

Denim fabric – 15 ounce

Offered products produced on one of the leading worldwide modern european and japanese textile machines.

All products tested on different quality parameters to ensure their quality and long lasting nature.

Available colors: blue, deep blue, black, white.

Terms of payment: 100% in advance via bank.

Delivery time: within 15-30 days.